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"So they're not coming?" Zach asked, frowning a little as Holly came back into the living room of their apartment. She shook her head.

Zach had been told that their friends were coming over for the evening. Holly had ordered some Chinese takeout and they were supposed to watch a movie. But one of the couple had fallen ill and so they both weren't coming. This left Holly and Zach with enough food for four people.

What he didn't realize was that ever since the night he had come home full on pizza and beer Holly had been trying to use every excuse to catch him with a full belly again. She started cooking more, which Zach said he appreciated and he usually ate his fill, sometimes rubbing a slightly swollen belly afterwards but never asked her to rub it for him. The most she had gotten was to rest a hand on it as they watched tv, but she wanted more than that. Her curiosity was peaked about this and she wanted to see if it could be taken anywhere.

She just hoped her plan for tonight worked out.

"We'll just have to eat what we can and then keep the rest in the fridge," Holly said with a shrug, sitting down next to Zach.

"Sure thing," Zach said dismissively, putting on the movie and the two of them started on their food. Just like she thought, Zach fumbled with his chopsticks and that led to Holly feeding him. The movie had just enough explosions to keep his attention while she fed him his food as well as hers. She ate enough to keep herself satisfied before happily passing the rest on to Zach.

After eating enough for about two people she saw Zach reach down and rest a hand on his belly, rubbing it for a moment but he didn't say anything about it. Gleefully, Holly tried to feed him the rest of the food to see how much she could get in his stomach without him noticing.

The movie ended and Zach was nearly through the food, though he hadn't noticed that until now. He sat up slightly with a small 'oof' and pressed a hand to his stomach which was visibly bloated beneath his shirt.

"Did we eat all of that?" he asked, blinking a few times as he looked at all of the empty containers before looking back at Holly.

"Oh, I hardly noticed," Holly said innocently, looking back over at Zach, "There's just the eggrolls left, but I don't like keeping them in the fridge. You think you have room for them? I'm full."

Zach looked over at the egg rolls and she could tell he wanted to say no, but after seeing the pleading look on her face he reluctantly agreed and sat back with the container in his lap. Holly got up to get him a glass of water and to throw away the waste. By the time she returned Zach had finished the eggrolls that were left, almost enough food for four people sitting in his belly.

"Thanks baby," she said, handing him the glass of water. He took a few gulps before his hand moved down to his belly and he grunted a little. She noticed it and raised an eyebrow at him, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, just ate too much," he admitted quietly. He set his glass down and rested both hands on his stomach, feeling it start to gurgle and grumble. As Holly started to move around and finish cleaning up Zach's stomach started to bother him more and more. Holly could tell, but didn't say anything just yet. It wasn't until Zach groaned softly when she was in the next room that she decided she could make her move.

Walking into the living room she sat down next to him on the couch, cuddling up close to him and running a hand over his bloated stomach, "Are you feeling okay, hun? You're looking a little green."

"My stomach hurts," he said quietly, not quite looking at her when he said it. It was almost as if he was embarrassed.

"Why didn't you say something? You should let me help you feel better," Holly said, kissing his cheek before slipping a hand up his shirt to rub his swollen middle. He groaned in relief as she put the right amount of pressure on his protesting stomach.

After a while of rubbing Zach became a little more relaxed and Holly started to cuddle a little more. Cuddling turned to kissing and a while later Zach laid out on the couch and Holly was curled up next to him, tracing her fingers over his still bloated stomach.

"Are you feeling better?" she asked him quietly, hearing his stomach gurgle softly between them.

"Mhmmmmmm. Thank you," he murmured, wrapping his arms around her and drifting off to sleep.
This is just another small step before things get more involved with these two. Hope you enjoy it. I'll try to write more soon.
otherland78 Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2014
mmmmhmmm so sweet lovely and romantic :-) somehow weird i like a real evil naughty feeding as muh as this sweet and lovely way you desribed so well ^^
FemaleBellyInspector Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2013  Hobbyist
Mmmmmmmm how romantic ;-)
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